Felony Criminal Appeals

Expert Colorado Appellate Litigation

If you have been to trial and suffered a felony conviction, you may have the right to have it reviewed by an appellate court. Time is of the essence. Mr. Heher can take a look at your case to determine your filing deadline. Mr. Heher can also review your trial to determine if you have meritorious claims to raise on appeal. You will need an expert to navigate these areas. There is no one in Colorado who knows the ins and outs of the appellate world better and more thoroughly than Mr. Heher. He will aggressively litigate your case so that any unfairness or other legal or constitutional violation in your trial is properly and persuasively raised before the appropriate appellate court.

Mr. Heher has a client centered practice and passionately litigates for his clients on appeal. It is a testament to Mr. Heher’s aggressive and creative appellate practice that more than 80 published decisions have been issued addressing countless complex legal and constitutional issues. These cases have addressed, for example, overturning Colorado’s death penalty imposed for first degree murder, the affirmative defense of insanity and mental condition issues, and appeals of convictions for sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, drugs, theft, identity-theft, vehicular homicide-DUI and appeals of post-conviction claims of ineffective assistance of trial counsel. Mr. Heher’s appellate practice is not limited to writing briefs or motions in appellate courts. Mr. Heher has orally argued dozens of cases before Colorado’s appellate and district courts and is thus a highly trained, experienced and persuasive oral advocate as well. The breadth and scope of Mr. Heher’s appellate experience is unsurpassed in Colorado.

The United States Supreme Court has acknowledged the unique legal skills required of a zealous and effective appellate advocate for the criminally accused. “The need for forceful advocacy does not come to an abrupt halt as the legal proceeding moves from the trial to the appellate stage. Both stages of the prosecution, although perhaps involving unique legal skills, require careful advocacy to ensure that rights are not foregone, and that substantial legal and factual arguments are not inadvertently passed over.” Penson v. Ohio, 488 U.S. 75, 85 (1988). Mr. Heher is a superior and passionate appellate litigator with more than three decades of experience. He has briefed cases before the Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado Court of Appeals and the United States Court of Appeal for the 10th Circuit. Mr. Heher has orally argued numerous times in each of these courts.

Mr. Heher’s experience litigating complex constitutional and legal issues in the appellate arena is unsurpassed in Colorado. Mr. Heher will bring the unique legal skills and careful and creative advocacy necessary to ensure that your rights are not foregone, and that substantial legal, constitutional and factual arguments are properly and persuasively raised and litigated.

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