Felony DUI

Colorado Litigation for Felony Driving Under The Influence and Related Felony Offenses Involving DUI

Colorado enacted a new felony DUI offense in 2015. A charged offense of felony DUI consists of (1) a new accusation that the accused was DUI and (2) that the accused has suffered at least three prior DUI convictions in the past. If the State proves both the new DUI charge and the three prior DUI convictions, beyond a reasonable doubt, the accused will stand convicted of a serious class 4 felony. Conviction for such an offense can result in a harsh prison sentence. The collateral consequences of a felony conviction in Colorado are serious and can negatively impact your life and livelihood. This relatively new and serious felony offense is currently being tested in Colorado’s appellate courts. This new Colorado felony offense has been and continues to be attacked on many levels. The law on this offense and its legality, constitutionality and meaning is thus developing as you read this. Mr. Heher has litigated on appeal other related felony offenses that have included DUI offenses, like vehicular homicide, and is very familiar with this area of the law. If you or a loved one has been convicted and sentenced for this relatively new felony DUI offense following trial, Mr. Heher’s extensive background and experience and creative appellate practice will ensure that all possible claims will be properly raised and addressed by the appellate courts.

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Representative appellate cases in these areas include:

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