Sexual Assault

Professional Colorado Sex Crime Litigation

Sexual assault and related offenses can carry lengthy prison terms as well as the irreparable damage to one’s reputation in the community. Sexual offenses range from inappropriate touching, to statutory rape to forcible assaults. The kind and degree of assault thus can depend on the age of the alleged victim, the circumstances surrounding the alleged assault and whether force, violence or a weapon were used. The statutes proscribing sexual assault and related offenses are complex. The law in this area is often in flux and legal and constitutional claims arise case by case.

Sexual assault convictions in Colorado carry with them very serious penalties and often result in the imposition of an indeterminate life sentence to prison. These cases often raise complex and difficult legal and constitutional issues. It is important that if you or a loved one have been convicted of such an offense following trial, that you hire an expert in this area of the law. Mr. Heher has litigated numerous cases involving sexual assault and thus has substantial experience handling such cases. He will provide the expert advice and assistance to navigate an appeal and raise and litigate the most persuasive claims of error in your trial to reach the best possible outcome.

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