Drug Offenses

Andrew Heher is an Expert Colorado Drug Crimes Attorney

Although marijuana possession and use have essentially been decriminalized in Colorado, other types of drug offenses remain. The “war on drugs” thus continues when it comes to other types of drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy and many other drugs. Some drugs have common names like Oxycodone or Oxycotin, and if an accused does not have a prescription from a prescribing doctor, she can be convicted of felony possession or distribution of such drugs. The same is true if the accused is convicted for possessing or distributing anabolic steroids or testosterone. The penalties for possession or distribution of these drugs varies under Colorado law. Colorado differentiates the seriousness of the various drugs into “schedules” and the level of seriousness of conviction depends upon in which “schedule” the charged drug falls. In addition, sometimes even affirmative defenses may be a part of the case, like the affirmative defense of entrapment. In short, the law and the facts of each drug case are always different and trials on such charges can involve complex and substantial legal and constitutional issues. Mr. Heher has litigated on appeal numerous cases involving drug convictions. He has litigated issues related to, for example, improper searches and seizures, improper jury instructions and other legal and constitutional problems with a trial resulting in a drug conviction. If convicted of a drug offense you will need expert guidance at the appellate level to obtain a proper and fair review of the trial that led to your conviction. Mr. Heher can provide that expert guidance and assistance.

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Representative appellate cases in this area includes:

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Mendez v. People, 986 P.2d 275 (Colo. 1999)

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People v. Sprowl, 790 P.2d 848 (Colo. App. 1989) (Felony conviction for possession of marijuana reversed.)